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Hurricane Season Is Over ... For Now

12/1/2019 (Permalink)

A calm beach scene with waves gently rolling in. Hurricane Season is officially over but there is always a chance of storms!


Hurricane Season is officially over for the year as of November 30th, 2019!

This date marks the end of the very active 2019 hurricane season.

The 2019 hurricane season produced 18 named storms out of the 21 available. Of those named storms, six became hurricanes and three were “major” (Category 3, 4 or 5) hurricanes. -WMBF News

NOAA’s hurricane season outlook called for 10-17 named storms, 5-9 hurricanes, and 2-4 major hurricanes. So we were right on target with their predictions!

The three major hurricanes this season were Dorian, Humberto, and Lorenzo.

Dorian set records for its strength. At its peak somewhere near the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian produced sustained winds of 185 mph!

Four storms made landfall in total in the U.S. during the 2019 Hurricane Season: Barry, Dorian, Imelda, and Nestor.

Remember just because the dates are "officially over" does not mean you should let your guard down, weather is unpredictable but SERVPRO's ability to get you back on track after storm damage is extremely reliable!


Holiday Candle Fire Safety

12/1/2019 (Permalink)

Candles in jars set outside of a houses walkway Candles can cause massive fire damage!


Candles are an open flame that means that it can easily ignite anything that is flammable in its area if left unattended.

Lit candles that are positioned in close proximity to dry holiday trees are a HUGE danger and can cause massive fire damage to rooms in a matter of seconds!

Candle fire facts -
During the five-year period of 2012-2016:

  • Candles caused 2% of reported home fires, 3% of home fire deaths, 7% of home fire injuries, and 4% of the direct property damage in home fires.
  • Roughly one-third (37%) of home candle fires started in bedrooms. These fires caused 30% of the associated deaths and 50% of the associated injuries.
  • Falling asleep was a factor in 11% percent of the home candle fires and 21% of the associated deaths.
  • On average, 23 home candle fires were reported per day.
  • Three of every five (60%) of home candle fires occurred when some form of combustible material was left or came too close to the candle.
  • December is the peak time of year for home candle fires. In December, 12% of home candle fires began with decorations compared to 4% for the rest of the year.

Source: NFPA's Applied Research

If you suffer fire damage this holiday season call SERVPRO, we can help!


We Are Thankful For You, Our Customers

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

This picture is of an array of pumpkins and squash set against a wooden back drop. We are thankful for you!


We are Thankful for you!

This Thanksgiving we wanted to reach out to all of our past and present customers to let you know how much we appreciate the fact that you chose SERVPRO of Horry and Georgetown Counties to get you through your fire, water, storm or mold damage.

In this day and age where competition is fierce and choices are plenty you gave us the opportunity to earn your business and we appreciate that so very much!

We want you to know that this Thanksgiving we will be keeping you in mind as we reflect on what it is that we are thankful for. We hope that you do not ever need us again in an emergency capacity but it gives us comfort to know that in your time of need you trusted us and we were there for you and that you were there for us too.

Happy Thanksgiving and we hope that you have plenty to be thankful for this year as well.


10 Thanksgiving Safety Tips

11/25/2019 (Permalink)

Close up photo of a cooked turkey on a platter These 10 tips should keep you out of harm's way this Thanksgiving!


Extra family members are staying over and dinner time is closing in, it is easy to see how things can get overlooked and safety issues can arise at a moment's notice.

Here are 10 Thanksgiving Safety Tips from the National Fire Protection Association to mind during the next few days to help keep you and your family safe:

  1. Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking on the stove so you can keep an eye on all of the food.
  2. Stay in the house when cooking.
  3. Keep small children away from the stove and out of the kitchen if possible. 
  4. Also, make sure kids stay away from hot food and liquids when they are served. The steam or splash from vegetables, and or gravy could cause serious burns.
  5. Keep knives and sharp utensils out of the reach of children.
  6. Be sure electric cords are not accessible to children or pets.
  7. Keep your matches and lighters out of the reach of children.
  8. Never leave children alone in the room with a lit candle.
  9. Keep the floor clear so you don’t trip over kids, toys, game consoles or bags.
  10. Make sure your smoke alarms are working. Test them by pushing the test button and replace batteries if necessary.

So basically watch the kids and pets when holiday cooking is being done!


Pipe Freeze On The Grand Strand

11/13/2019 (Permalink)

Close up of crystallized snow flakes. Frozen pipes can lead to some serious damage!


YES! Pipes can still freeze here on the Grand Strand!

Temperatures do not often get below freezing here in Myrtle Beach or the surrounding Grand Strand areas, but it is possible.

When temperatures drop below freezing (35 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few days in a row your pipes have a significantly higher chance of freezing up. Since this kind of weather is not extremely common here on the Grand Strand, most residents do not plan accordingly and end up with enormous messes in their homes or businesses due to pipes exploding and flooding their properties!

Here is a link to a post we wrote a few years back on the prevention of pipe bursts.

We recognize that cleaning up water damage here on the Grand Strand is what we do if we can help you prevent a disaster along the way we feel good about that too.

If your pipes do freeze and end up bursting resulting in water damage on the Grand Strand call SERVPRO today 843-236-6278 | 843-436-2121.


Cold Weather Tips On The Grand Strand

11/13/2019 (Permalink)

This is a picture of a man with a scarf wrapped around his upper body and face, he is sitting with his arms crossed shivering Keep warm with these cold-weather tips.


As freezing temperatures and ice-cold weather approach, there are a few things you can do around the house to make sure you and your family stay warm and safe all winter. 

Here are a few tips and areas to concentrate on before it gets too cold!

  • 1. Protect Your Pipes: Water expands as it freezes. If water inside your pipes freezes, it will expand, which can lead to your pipes cracking and/or bursting.
  • 2. Check Your Heat/HVAC: Check your HVAC by turning on the heat and the fan to be sure they're operating as they should before temperatures drop too low.
  • 3. Inspect Your Fireplace and Chimney: Before you light up that first fire, make sure your fireplace and chimney are clean, clear and object/animal-free.
  • 4. Seal Windows and Doors: Cracks around windows and doors can make it hard to keep your house warm all day in the winter. Caulking around windows and installing weather stripping around doors can drastically help with drafty areas.

SERVPRO is here to help should you need an expert to come and service your home before winter weather strikes!


A Message From Our GM

11/8/2019 (Permalink)

Close up of a football with the football field in the background An all-expenses-paid trip to Dallas TX is up for grabs!

Hey, good afternoon my name is Don Shupe, I'm the general manager of SERVPRO Horry and Georgetown Counties.

I wanted to take a couple of minutes with you today just to share with you a program that we're doing here at SERVPRO we're part of a large national organization SERVPRO is a national company and they've decided at a national level to sponsor the SERVPRO First Responder Bowl it's a college football game that's gonna happen December thirtieth in Dallas Texas.

We thought what a great idea for somebody such as ourselves who's an emergency service business to be a sponsor for our first responder's bowl to honor those folks that are putting their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. We're thinking about how can we locally tie into that? What can we do?

What we decided was we wanted to send some of our first responders to Dallas this December to be honored on that national stage!

So what we did was we reached out to the firemen and the police chiefs and fire chiefs we told them what we wanted to do and asked them to please get these nomination forms out to all of your people because we wanted the firemen and the policemen to nominate folks that they work with who are exceptional at their jobs exceptional and taking care of our community!

So that's what they've done we've been receiving these nomination forms in and we wanna make sure that we have an opportunity to honor all of those that deserve to be nominated.

So I'm reaching out today attached to this post there's a link for the nomination form if you know somebody that needs to be nominated please print it out and email it back to me.

Every nominee will be honored here locally but a select few are gonna get an all-expense-paid trip to Dallas Texas on December 30th to go be part of this great SERVPRO first responder bowl!

We're excited about it it's great that we're able to give back for all these folks that do a wonderful service for our community and show a little appreciation for what they do!

Click here for the nomination form:

Turkey Day House Cleaning From The Pros

11/8/2019 (Permalink)

An aerial point of view of hands passing plates full of thanksgiving food around a table. Thanks for giving SERVPRO a chance to clean your holiday mess!


The leftovers are piled up, the dishes are all dirty and your family left a mess everywhere!

Sound like your holiday dinner?

When you have your family and friends over for the Thanksgiving feast things are going to get messed up, especially if there are kids and pets present! Let SERVPRO come over and deep clean your home after the Thanksgiving meal and leave all the cleanup the stress to us.

Give SERVPRO a shot at showing you how we can work our wonders on your rugs and carpet, nobody likes deep cleaning after a huge holiday gathering but luckily for you, SERVPRO is amazing at it!

We have professional-grade equipment that is delicate enough for your most cherished rugs. Our technicians are specially trained in the art and science of drying so your home can look better than ever after our workers are finished.

You have enough on your plate "so to speak" before the meal, let SERVPRO take care of things after the meal so you can actually enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving Turkey Day!

Call SERVPRO to make your after holiday carpet cleaning appointment today!

843-236-6278 | 843-436-2121


Peak Hurricane Season Is Slowing Down, But It Is Not Over

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

Tall palm trees are bending due to strong winds. There is still a month left in the Atlantic Hurricane Season.


Peak hurricane season usually hits the Atlantic coast in mid-September and lasts until late October, we have been lucky so far!

With only one major hurricane impacting us so far it is safe to say we have made it past the peak hurricane season!

Although we are not completely out of the woods yet because the Atlantic Hurricane Season as a whole lasts until the end of November with the latest hurricane ever being formed on December 30, 1954 (Hurricane Alice).

You still have time to make sure your home insurance is up to date and if you live in an area that is prone to flooding, your flood insurance policy is active and updated.

Make sure all of your paperwork is easily accessible and backed up digitally and stored externally if possible, this provides maximum protection and ease of use if needed during an emergency.

If you do sustain flood damage here on the Grand Strand call SERVPRO when it is safe to do so, we will help!

843-236-6278 | 843-436-2121


Turkey Fryer Safety Tips

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

This is a cooked turkey fully dressed on a platter ready to be served. It is turkey season, let's stay safe!

Turkey frying has become more and more popular over the years, especially here on the Grand Strand where temperatures stay warmer longer and provide a great opportunity to cook outside!

With this new trend, emergency calls for fires, burns, and accidents from frying turkeys has drastically increased as well. We try to educate the public on turkey safety whenever possible.

Here are a few TURKEY FRYING SAFETY TIPS to help you and your family stay safe this year during Thanksgiving, or whenever you fry a turkey:

  • Never leave the turkey fryer unattended while it is hot. This is the quickest way to come back to a fire that has spread out of control.
  • Keep children and pets away from the turkey fryer at all times. This may seem like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many times a child or pet playing near a hot fryer has caused an unfortunate accident!
  • Defrost your turkey COMPLETELY – and dry it BEFORE immersing it in hot oil. Those little ice crystals can cause a very big disruption to your dinner timetable!
  • Keep a grease-rated fire extinguisher within arms reach of your work area at all times. Grease fires are much harder to put out than other fires, practice the use of the fire extinguisher as well.
  • Do not overfill the oil in the turkey fryer. Do a dry practice run and fill the fryer with water and place the turkey inside and make a mark to act as a guide for when you pour in the oil.

As always, should you find yourself on the receiving end of a turkey fryer fire damage, call SERVPRO when the smoke clears. We can help!

843-236-6278 | 843-436-2121